Our Executive Director

Turosca Allen is the owner and executive director of Train-A-Child Smart Enterprise, Inc. (TAC), with facilities in both Altadena and Pasadena, California. She is an expert in early childhood education, with over 14 years of experience in the childcare industry, and over 7 years of experience as an executive director. Her passion and expertise in operating childcare facilities transcends her roots in California, as she has also worked in Atlanta, Georgia as an operational director for Childcare Network #208.

As an executive director, Ms. Allen advocates for the professionals, the children, and the parents who rely on the effectiveness of the early childhood development industry. She currently sits on various committees, including The Focus For Success Foundation Committee (FFS) and the Training and Professional Development Committee (TPDC), while also dedicating herself to planning committees for conferences. Her inclusion in these professional networks grants her the opportunity to share information and resources with her staff and the community of parents who trust her personally and professionally.

Ms. Allen takes great pride in the quality of every center that she operates, ensuring that each location consistently exceeds parents’ expectations. She achieves this by holding her staff and herself to a standard of excellence and high-quality childcare. TAC’s mission involves promoting confidence in children, both socially and academically, while creating a collaborative environment that fosters co-operative spirits. She credits her “wonderful, dedicated and truly amazing staff, who love what they do,” as a monumental part of her facilities’ success.